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Application Developer 2

Redmond, Washington · Computer/Software
WaferWire is looking for Application Developer 2 for a client in Redmond, WA

Role: Application Developer 2  
Job Description:
Designs and develops internal business systems/applications under deadline pressure or takes primary role in smaller, low risk projects. Communicates and defends design, requirements, feature set, functionality, usability, localization issues, and limitations of subsystem to the team. Specialized expertise in specified areas of Windows client/server development environment and solid software engineering practices required. Must be considered an expert in a specific business/functional area. Must have the ability to proactively identify issues and coordinate resolutions. May require an advanced knowledge of technology in one area and moderate level skills in multiple areas (e.g., C#, Azure, Cloud development, Automated testing tools). Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field required.

Years of experience required –
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • Experience with C#, solid principles of test development, solid design principles knowledge.
  • CAS Platform & Azure CoreBase are both a MUST have.
  • Understanding examine workflows fundamentals.
SOLID Principles — explained with examples (need to understand these)
S - Single Responsibility Principle (known as SRP)
O - Open/Closed Principle.
L - Liskov’s Substitution Principle.
I - Interface Segregation Principle.
D - Dependency Inversion Principle.
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